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 Witch Beads
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Witch Beads Recommended Links

The Victoria & Albert Museum, (V & A) London

Definitely worth a visit, the costumes many of which are beaded are absolutely wonderful, the textiles, embroidery and lace are a must for anyone with even the slightest interest. The jewellery section leaves me speechless I can not find the words to express the wealth of talent, craftsmanship and sheer opulence of the major pieces on display. The V&A hold occasional lectures and workshops.

Gawthorpe Hall – Padiham, Nr Burnley.

A National Trust property, with a wealth of textile, beadwork and lace to view.
In 2003 I was fortunate to be able to accompany two of my fellow Beadworkers Guild colleagues on a behind the scenes appointment, which was magnificent. We were so impressed with the vast selection and drooled, hypothetically of course, over almost every piece and the ‘Gawthorpe Gasp’ was born. We ran out of time long before we ran out of items available for viewing, the bags oh those bags, needless to say we have to book another visit. The hall has been cataloguing each item and advised us that a further visit would need to wait until after the completion of this mammoth task.

Northampton Museum.

I have lived in Milton Keynes for 22years and only learnt about the Northampton Museum last year. Northampton is of course famous for shoes and many of these are beaded so without further ado, my two intrepid friends and I booked ourselves another behind the scenes visit and again we loved every minute, we took photographs by the hundred. We have booked a further visit for January 15th, to take advantage of the slide show and official history talk that accompanies this show, there will also be some time allocated for another private viewing of those wonderful beaded shows. I have a few places available if anyone is interested in joining us please give me a call 01908 311243.